Application Interface Development

Application Interface Development

Most modern businesses today face a major problem of streamlining and managing vital strategic information with diverse applications. The legacy systems that were built in the past were not flexible in nature and were unable to channel and streamline important data with multiple applications. Moreover, the critical data in its legacy fom was not usable. It is important to understand that there is a difference between how businesses use to function, and how they function now.

While the problem cannot be avoided in the true sense, it can be mitigated to some extent with the application interface development solutions offered by Lexon Loyde. This is the best time to bridge the gap between the way we used to function and how we need to function in the future. We offer three diverse approaches for you!


Aelius ensures business transformation by re-analyzing the requirements and scope available for modern functionalities, matching the requirements, and designing to re-implement.


Application re-engineering services offered by Aelius include breaking down the system with respect to functional components, identifying the interfaces between different components, building object-oriented replacements for each of these components, and rolling in each replaced component in turn.


Application interface development services include defining the role of each business subsystem, defining the interfaces for each of the sub-systems, building an object wrapper for the sub-systems, developing a new GUI to use the interface, and reengineering the components at performance bottlenecks.

Application Interface Development Services

Aelius offers specialized services in application interface development, helping business enterprise to strike a balance between strategic data and diverse applications. The important application integration services include:

Data integration – Creating an interface that integrates different business applications to the strategic data of the company
System Integration – Ensuring seamless integration of software applications with the entire business system
Web Integration
Integration with the legacy system
Application Integration

We also interface cross platform systems using flat files, custom and third party APIs, and integral web services.