5 Ways of maintaining your Magento Store

Magento developers

The world is moving more and more into the digital realm day by day and due to this rising trends towards eCommerce, the eCommerce website development has become important not only for the store owners but for the start-ups as well.

It’s a fact that e-commerce is getting more and more popular because the customers want to be more benefited with the fast-paced lifestyles they have nowadays.

If you own or looking to start an eCommerce store then Magento is one of the best option available in the market, as Magento website development is considered as one of the best platforms to run your online store.

Continual Security Checks

Security is the primary concern for your Magento website. Your Magento website should be the most secure as the users disclose their personal as well as banking information here.

Magento developers

Hence, the security system should be up to date concerning any malware installation and all the alerts should be active. Various log review tools should use to track the unauthorized login attempts and have to monitor FTP and SSH for any dubious upload or activity keenly.

Choose Reliable Hosting

To ensure the reliability of the services, elect the web hosting services which follows the standard of the industry rigorously. Moreover, developing the habit of double checking of coding to ensure the security system is up to date and use the HTTPS channel only for customer trust and added security.

This approach would be beneficial for SEO as well, as Google prioritize the SEO of the website which uses HTTPS channel.

Configuration of Magento Site Cache

The configuration of the cache for your website will improve and optimize its performance considerably. You can select varnish cache, sometimes referred to as reverse HTTP proxy as well which acts as a web accelerator.

This HTTP proxy will help in optimizing the speed of your Magento webstore by storing a copy of the page in the RAM, the moment the user visits your webstore for the first time. This will be helpful in managing the performance and traffic of the website.

Charter a dedicated Magento Partner

There are N number of things and aspects which need to be taken care for your e-commerce business.

Aelius Technology is backed up with highly efficient and skilled Magento developers who can develop all sorts of magneto applications dedicatedly just for your Magento e-commerce webstore. Our highly creative, overly technically savvy, professional and productive team serve all sorts of services starting from the installation of the plugin to the creation of varied themes along with payment gateway integration and still a lot more!

Cast favorable Magento extensions

Being as an e-commerce website owner, you have to be very careful about the best user experience for your potential customers. If your customers stay longer on your web pages and website, you have earn the list of benefits like as low bounce rate and more social media pushes.

To enhance the user’s experience, the most convenient way is to select the beneficial Magento extensions to install at your website and make your webstore into space where your customers love to do more and more shopping.

Aelius Technologies offers dedicated Magento Support and Maintenance Services to keep your Magento Store in perfect workable condition. The topmost services we offer to our valuable customers are – back up & security, speed & performance optimization, code review, malware removal, troubleshooting and many more.

We can handle the maintenance and support for your Magento webstore as well. So, do not wait and get connected with us either via email:  info@aelius.in or can call us at +91 7801801313.


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